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About our new DDLG Collars

April 10, 2017

About our new DDLG Collars

DDlg Collars

To elaborate more on the launch of our new ddlg collars range I have decided to write a small blog post about it. 

Currently in our store we have 2 types of collars; our sturdy lockable leather collars such as these:

But we also have this extremely cute pink rose petal collar! 


We have received a lot of feedback on in the past with our Etsy DDLGWorld store. They are one of our favorite products on the website. But we have been asked mulitple times if we would be selling lace style collars anytime in the future. 

We are pleased to introduce our new collection of collars with more styles coming soon! These collars are made from a lace material with a loose end to tie around the neck for a snug fit.  They also include an adorable ribbon bow attached to the front. 


We hope this new range will excite our customers as much as it excites us to unveil them! 

You can view the new range on our collar section of the website here! Our website is a ddlg and bdsm store catered towards those communities with a beautiful range of various items like these. 


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