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Top 8 Best Sex Toys You NEED In 2017 For An Amazing Sex Life

October 12, 2017

Top 8 Best Sex Toys You NEED In 2017 For An Amazing Sex Life

 This list will be a complete resource compiling some of the best toys available right now whether you’re into hardcore kink play, petplay or just general kinky toys.

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1. Tail Buttplug

A must if you’re into petplay or kitten play! A tail plug will help ease you into your more animalistic side, whether it be a fox, cat, dog, pony or even unicorn there’s tail plugs everywhere out there to help you make your fantasies a reality!

Fox Tailplug

2. Buttplugs / Princess Plugs 

A favourite for anal play and for good reason! These little toys can help you prepare for anal play as well as provide intense stimulation during regular sex. They can be purchased in a number of different styles & materials such as stainless steel, silicone & glass. Also featuring different designs such as heart shapes, rose petals & more!

Rose Buttplug


3. Magic Wand Vibrators

The magic wand vibrator is a truly guaranteed orgasm inducing toy; they’ve been on the rise for a long time now; providing an entirely different type of stimulation & more focused on clit pleasure rather than penetrative, these toys are perfect for solo sessions!

Magic Wand Vibrator

4. Glass Dildos

Known to be absolutely gorgeous as well as extremely pleasurable; these toys are a must in any collection whether it’s just to stare at how damn beautiful they are all day long, or to give you a different style of sensation & orgasm. The feeling of glass is much different to silicone & as is one that everyone deserves to experience! At DDLGWorld we have a full range of stunning glass pieces including tentacle style glass pieces & the renowned heart shaped piece that we like to call “The Sailor Moon”

Tentacle Dildo

5. Bondage / BDSM Sets

These kits can save you a lot of money as they often come with pretty much everything you need to jump head first into kinky 50 shades of grey style bondage play & are often much cheaper than buying each of the items separately. Often, they will come in sets of 7 or 10 with added extras in the 10 piece sets such as nipple clamps & a cross belt! But all of them will come with handcuffs, anklecuffs, a whip, blindfold, mouth gag & rope.

Bondage Kit

 6. The Classic “Rabbit Vibrator”

The go-to choice for most people when it comes to their first vibrator, these are instant classics & must haves in all sex toy collections. Allowing for intense pleasure from penetration but also clitoris stimulation from the “rabbit” head.

Rabbit Vibrator

 7. Open Mouth & Ball Gags

Nothing helps you keep quiet better than a good old gag, these are perfect for hardcore play sessions when things might get a little “toooo” loud, also just wearing one gives off a very submissive aspect that’s perfect for BDSM/Dominant play.

Heart Gag

8. Spanking Paddles / Whips

Spanking whips & paddles are excellent devices for helping you dive into roleplays or punishment during play sessions! Always wanted to be the naughty student or the bad girl in need of a good punishment, then a whip/paddle is exactly the thing you need to introduce to your sex life!

Heart Spanking Paddle

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