DDLGWorld | Sale - DDLG Collars, Cat Ear Headbands, Tail Plugs & More!

DDLGWorld | Starry Sale - DDLG Collars, Bondage Sets, Cat Ear Headbands, Tail Plugs & More!

June 15, 2017

DDLGWorld | Starry Sale - DDLG Collars, Bondage Sets, Cat Ear Headbands, Tail Plugs & More!

Starry Sale - DDLG Collars, Cat Ear Headbands & More! 

In our brand new starry sale we have a number of beautiful new products up for grabs all catered towards the DDLG, BDSM & Petplay Communities.

Up for grabs at a discounted price is our most sought after ddlg collar; it features rose petals scattered around the collar with a pink finish and made from either faux leather or pure leather materials. It can be used as a discreet day collar perfect for the ddlg sub/dom relationship. DDLG Collars are used to embody the submissive & dominant aspects of a ddlg relationship; by wearing the collar it implies the dominant daddy dom figure owns the submissive little girl.

In public this can present awkward situations hence why discreet day collars are a thing; our collar range is perfect for this as all of our products in this range are both fashionable, discreet & adorable!

Also in our sale this month are our super cute bondage sets! These sets are made from faux leather and include everything you need to get started in BDSM / Bondage! They include:

  • Handcuffs 
  • Anklecuffs 
  • Bondage Collar With Leash 
  • Shibari Rope 
  • Ball Gag 
  • Blindfold 
  • Whip

They are available in a pink, black, purple or red finish!

We also have realistic cat ears on sale perfect for ddlg, cosplay, petplay & anime neko style dress up! We have a range of cat ear products; including clip on cat ears, cat ear headbands & more all with unique colors & styles & made from beautiful plushy materials!

Yes Daddy panties are another one of our most sought after items in our store that are currently on sale this month; you may have seen these all over tumblr from popular ddlg blogs!

Last but not least we have open mouth gags & ball gags on our site perfect for restraint purposes, these can be used to hold your partners mouth open during play or keep it shut over depending on which type of gag you would like from our range! All of these products have been heavily discounted and are only available for a limited time!

For more information about out products & the ddlg community you can check out our site! We specialize in Magic Wand Vibrators, Glass dildos & Tail Plugs For Petplay!

You can also check out our customer photo gallery on the site where many popular ddlg, petplay & bdsm figures on tumblr have posted beautiful photo sets of their orders!

We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders!

Get 15% Off Your First Order + A Free Heart Shaped Princess Plug Buttplug When You Spend Over £40 / $50 USD! Free Worldwide Shipping On All Orders! https://www.ddlgworld.net/

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