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Our Etsy Store

April 05, 2017

Our Etsy Store

What happened to our DDLGWorld Etsy store? 

As some of our customers may know; we used to have a DDLG store on Etsy; We had close to 300 sales in just under 2 months and were absolutely ecstatic with the results and feedback we were given by our customers. 

However sales had gotten to the point that we needed extra help to fulfill orders and so we decided to use a fulfillment center to dispatch our orders for us; Etsy got wind of this and decided to close down our store as this is not allowed in their policies. Although we didn't know this at the time, we understand now it was a breach of their policies and should have paid closer attention to if this was allowed on their store. 

Nonetheless, being shut down on etsy has given DDLG World a fresh start with our brand new slick website and brand image we could not have achieved through Etsy. 

Things are looking promising already and we hope to continue to please our customers for a long time. 

Thank you all! 

DDLG World

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