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Our Re-Launch DDlg Store

April 12, 2017

Our Re-Launch DDlg Store

Last night we re-launched the site; it has been completely redesigned and revamped from the ground up to create a more intuitive easier and better experience for all of our customers and the ddlg and bdsm communities. 

Some of the new features include a shipping cost calculator at checkout; we know it can be a pain to input all of your details at checkout only to be shown a ridiculous delivery cost (although we provide very cheap international shipping so that shouldn't be a problem) we thought it would create a better experience overall for everyone if they are able to calculate an exact cost of shipping beforehand. 

We also launched a few new product lines:

Our DDLG World stainless steel 3 piece butt plug sets are perfect for people who like to variate in sizes for their anal toys, so this range allows for a full set of our heart shaped plugs for this purpose. 



We also launched our first silicone butt plug range which include colored gemstones and are a perfect alternative to our stainless steel plugs depending on your preferred material. 

And finally we launched a full range of faux fur tails in a variety of different colors to suit everyone's tastes, these come attached with our weighted stainless steel plugs to give a warming and massaging sensation on the sensitive nerves in the bottom; as well as giving a cute fluffy appearance with the long busy tails. 

We hope you all check out the new functions of the site and enjoy the new product lines! 

- DDLG World

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