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The Ins & Outs Of Petplay / Kitten Play

June 19, 2017

The Ins & Outs Of Petplay / Kitten Play

Kitten Play / Petplay is a type of fetish/kink that involves roleplaying as an animal; typically animals like cats, foxes & dogs.  

It is still a relatively unusual kink and so most people find it a little weird; however it's perfectly normal to be involved in this community. 

Being into petplay does not mean you find animals attractive; it is simply that you find the roleplaying aspect of a human pretending to be an animal attractive. 

There are many ways to get more involved with petplay and make it more fun for you & your partner; such as buying toys & accessories that can help you to get more into the frame of mind of the particular animal you want to roleplay as. 

For instance at DDLGWorld there is a beautiful selection of furry animal tails; these can be with buttplugs for a more sexual experience or without plugs if you're simply roleplaying in a non sexual way. There are tails for many animals such as rabbits, foxes, cats & more! 

You can also wear animal ear headbands to get more into the mood; by wearing both a tail & ears you'll be ready to pounce into action as your chosen animal! 

The aspects of why people are into petplay are relatively unknown however most people enjoy the submissive or dominance side of giving all control to their "owner" in a BDSM/Bondage style sexual relationship. 

For more information on petplay and to find products to help you take steps into enjoying animal roleplay you can check out our website; we have cat ear headbands, fox tail plugs, rabbit tail plugs & more!

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