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What does DDLG Mean?

April 02, 2017

What does DDLG Mean?

What Does DDLG mean / What is DDLG?

DDLG or DD/lg means Daddy Dom / Little girl

DDLG or DD/lg is a kink/relationship involving a daddy dom and a little girl; often involving aspects of BDSM (dominant / submissive ) & child like behaviors..
The daddy figure will often look to take care of their little; being the dominant figure in the little's life. They will treat them to activities such as bed-time stories, playing with stuffed animals and drawing etc; DDLG relationships do not always include sex; however it can play a role and often includes BDSM elements such as handcuffs, ropes, buttplugs, tail plugs and other types of ownership items such as ddlg collars.  
Often a DDLG relationship will include rules that the little has to follow and if they are good they will be treated to nice activities and treats; if they are bad they can be subjected to punishments which can include spankings or other activities the dominant figure knows the little does not like to do. 
There are often a lot of misunderstandings about the DDLG community, many people will find it wrong and taboo; but it is really just a dynamic of BDSM with more childlike mentalities between consenting adults. 
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