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What Is DDLG? The Guide To DDLG, BDSM & Petplay

August 03, 2018

What Is DDLG? The Guide To DDLG, BDSM & Petplay

What Is DDLG? The Guide To DDLG, BDSM & Petplay

Everything you need to know!

What in the world is DDLG? Why is the BDSM scene exploding? And what's this petplay thing people keep talking about?

So maybe you’ve started to hear a bunch of different acronyms and you aren’t sure what it means. Most of us know what BDSM is, and for those that didn’t, it was perfectly clear when Fifty Shades of Grey came out and took over the world. But don’t mention Fifty Shades to anyone in the real BDSM scene. According to those who actually practice BDSM, it was a poor and unrealistic portrayal of the lifestyle and many feel it was misrepresented. If you’ve never done it before it can be hard to know what to do. DDLG can also be unfairly misrepresented & we are here to help explain some of what you may not know.

What is DDLG?

DDLG is a subset kink relationship involving a little girl and a daddy dominator or a dominant caregiver of some sort and their childlike submissive. It is not always sexual & in fact is a lifestyle in its own right! Non-sexual ddlg relationships can include activities such as coloring, playing & general fun/innocent activities.

But on the sexual side of ddlg relationships; they can include aspects of BDSM and submissive behaviors. Because “DDLG” stands for “dominant daddy” and “little girl”, it’s still often understood and some even still think it’s wrong or taboo, but really it’s just a kink relationship/lifestyle much like other kinks with more childlike mentalities between the consenting parties. As always, it’s always more fun to play when both parties get fully engaged.

To further explain DDLG; usually, there is a daddy figure who will care for their little. They are the dominant figure and will often enforce rules the little has to follow. If they break the rules, there will be punishments like spankings, whippings, or other activities the dominant decides to inflict on the little. The dominant always knows what the little does and does not like. Note: this must always be fully consensual with both the dominant/little. 

On the flip side, if the little behaves and does what he/she is told, then there are rewards and prizes or other treats. Sometimes it’s just an activity that the little likes such as coloring, playing with dolls, or curling up on daddy’s lap for a bedtime story and a rub down. The daddy figure always looks to take care of their little so long as the little is behaving.

Really these relationships are no different than any other hot fantasy people have. Some people fantasize about making love to their hot teacher, other fantasize about a submissive/dominant role-play. In fact, those that engage in these types of behavior claim that it offers them a really nice mental break from having to be adult all the time. We have so many stresses in our day-to-day lives. There are decisions to make and bills to pay. Work obligations and deadlines to meet. It’s exhausting. Many who enjoy these types of relationships swear by them because they say it gives them a mental break and a chance to relax and just be told what to do without having to “adult” all the time. One participant put it this way, “I'm very independent in everyday life and there is a high expectation for me to succeed. So it is a great relief to exist momentarily in a role-play scenario where I am treated like a child, expected to fail as a result and punished when I don't behave. Bondage and impact play are both physical forces that are so consuming they help me achieve a sort of "braincation," which is very similar to yoga (which I also practice and have instructed in the past).” We totally get that. 

You don’t have to just maintain one role. Some people are very adaptable and enjoy being the dominant some of the time and the submissive some of the time. They are called “switches” and roles can be changed and can be played by men or women. There is no set rule for what has to happen. It’s all about your wants and desires and that is vastly different for every person.

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(WHAT IS DDLG? - By Kit Kaup On Youtube)

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What is BDSM?

Most people know that BDSM is a sexual preference that will be different for everyone. It includes bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism & masochism (S&M). No two people are the same as their preferences and there are many sub-categories as well. For some BDSM involved whips, chains, and rough sex. For others, it includes none of those things. It’s safe to say that BDSM is what some might call “sexual dominance”.  There is no one way in which a BDSM relationship has to be or any rules that must be followed in general. Basically, the relationship just entails one person agreeing to do whatever the other person asks (following agreed upon terms of course). It’s a very dynamic relationship between consenting adults that should be practiced in a safe environment with someone you trust. 

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What is Petplay?

Petplay is another type of kink. It’s the same idea but instead of the role-play being human/human, it’s human/pet & usually involves an owner/puppy, owner/kitty, owner/pet etc. The submissive may pretend to be a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, fox, pig or any other animal you can imagine. Some of the activities between the dominant and submissive may include chew toys, discipline, sex or no sex and belly rubs or other playtime type activities. Again, it’s all about personal preference and involved consenting adults. There are so many fun accessories that can enhance the experience. The tail buttplug is wildly popular. These are some of our favorites: these are butt plugs with an animal tail attached that will truly help you immerse yourself in the entire experience!

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