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Light Pink Faux Fur Stainless Steel Plug Tail

Release your kinky inner animal with our faux fur tail plugs!

Made using the very best of materials to ensure each & every one of our tails is super fluffy & soft. Comes attached with a stainless steel butt plug designed for long term comfort and use. Experience the sensations of our special steel butt plug massaging you as the tail swishes and moves around during play! 

Use safely with a water or silicone based lubricant.

Our tails also match perfectly with our fluffy ears range to truly get you into that animalistic mood! 

Light Pink Fox Tail Style Variant. 

Tail Size: 35-38cm

Plug Sizes:

Small:  2.8*7.5cm / 1.1*3inch

Material: Metal and Fake/Faux Fur


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