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All About Us

Our Story

Initially founded on etsy and having great success on the platform we decided to expand and move away from it to found our very own brand and website, based in the UK we ship internationally for free to allow anyone and everyone to indulge in our products for reasonable and affordable prices. 

We decided to open up our very own store because we were tired of people having to pay premium prices for the types of items we stock; we wanted to give all of our customers and the entire community a shop that sells everything they could desire whilst using high quality materials & affordable pricing. 

We have a little something for everyone here at DDLGWorld; whether you're involved in DDLG, BDSM, Petplay or just generally want to spice up your sex life or solo pleasure! 

We stock a range of beautiful accessories and toys such as tails, glass dildos, bdsm sets, vibrators, butt plugs, ears & more! 

To ensure safe payment we accept paypal as our main paygate for all of our customers and stripe to ensure safe and secure card payments. 


We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Our shipping is also DISCREET, Bank Statement will simply say "DLWORLD"

When you place an order, we will do our best to get it made and dispatched to you within a week. Although at times shipping can take upto 2-4 weeks depending on factors such as customs. 

We declare all of our items as low value to try to ensure you're not charged for customs fees.